Improved Quality Guarantee

The Process and Quality Control Solutions commitment is to quickly give our customers effective training and solutions to their targeted processes and quality control systems issues. I’ll deliver on that commitment or the customer will not pay for the service.

I’ll bring experience, training, and a passion for problem solving to address your quality problem. I have a M.S. degree in Manufacturing Management and years of Lean manufacturing process and quality systems development experience. I am certified by the American Society for Quality as a Quality Engineer, Six Sigma Black Belt, Manager of Quality / Operational Excellence, Quality Auditor, and a Supplier Quality Professional.

Please contact me if you would like assistance with:

  • Unhappy customers
  • Poor process capability
  • High scrap costs
  • Weak quality system documentation
  • Measurement system error
  • Audit readiness
  • Other quality control concerns

Shared methods

I started Process and Quality Control Solutions because I enjoy solving process problems, working with teams, and teaching. I will not simply solve your problem and leave. I plan to work with your team and share my approach to the solution. My goal will be to leave your team with the confidence going forward to apply these process and quality control tools themselves.

The foundation we will build the solution(s) upon will be based upon your personnel’s skills, your company’s experience, and your customer’s requirements. I will bring my own experience and training to solve your problem while using systems familiar to your team as a basis to work towards a solution.  I will work to repair or fill gaps in your process and quality control systems rather than abruptly tearing up or redesigning them. Together, your team and I will develop or improve your company’s targeted process and quality controls to resolve your issue(s).

Improvement Tools

Process and Quality Control Solutions can develop special measurement systems and optimization Design of Experiments to tackle tough performance issues. Suppliers do not have unlimited time or resources to throw at problems and customers want answers now. A process improvement “guess and check” method may be tried for a short period, but if it does not provide a robust solution it should be replaced with a more effective problem-solving approach.

I’ll use Quality Engineer or Six Sigma Black Belt tools such as; FMEA, ANOVA, Design of Experiments, R and R Studies, and Statistical Process Controls to resolve your issues.  The key to effective process and quality control is not the management of many brain-stormed process inputs. It is the identification and management of the process inputs that, when not controlled, might drive unacceptable variation and non-conforming product. I can drive this level of understanding and control.